The Mobetron

mobetron with backsplash


The Mobetron allows doctors to administer IOERT quickly and safely in the operating room by eliminating the need for protective radiation shields.  The Mobetron uses a small linear accelerator to deliver electron-beams, rather than x-ray beams used in conventional radiation therapy.  Electron-beams penetrate at a shallower depth than x-ray beams so radiation can be given in any operating room.

There is no need for a lead-shielded bunker, as there is with conventional x-ray beam radiation.

Doctors have been using electron-beam linear accelerators in cancer treatment for forty years and the technology has proven effective.


Key Features

•  Energy: 6, 9, or 12 MeV
•  Low Dose per pulse allows for AAPM task Group 72 daily QA
•  True energy, not nominal energy
•  Greater depth of treatment with true 12 MeV
•  Greater flexibility of treatment depth with bolus
•  Laser guided soft docking
•  Better target integrity
•  Safer for patient
•  More flexibility of use
•  Reliability
•  All Mobetrons installed in operation
•  Service in 13 Countries
•  Customer testimonials of over 99% availability
•  X-Band Waveguide
•  Reduced size and weight over S-band accelerators
•  Smaller form factor allows for easy transport through most doorways elevators.

For more information, you may request the Mobetron 2000 Product Specifications

To see cost and energy savings information, see the Financial Impact of Using Mobetron