DermaBeam™ is External Beam Radiation Therapy (EBRT) delivered by IntraOp’s Mobetron. EBRT is one of the most common forms of radiation therapy, delivered to treat a full range of tumors in radiation therapy centers worldwide. Historically, the only way to properly treat with radiation required the patient to travel to a radiation oncology center with a shielded radiation bunker. There is now a low-cost, patient friendly alternative enabled by the Mobetron and DermaBeam™.

The Mobetron is a fully mobile linear accelerator that enables doctors to deliver DermaBeam™ treatments to patients in a normal office setting. DermaBeam™ allows doctors and Dermatologists to deliver precise, highly effective radiation therapy while minimizing damage to healthy skin tissue, all in the comfort of an office or spa setting.

Today, there is a growing need for multi-disciplinary skin cancer treatment solutions. Electron-beam radiation therapy can safely and effectively treat any non-melanoma skin cancer without the risks of surgery. IntraOp’s DermaBeam is a compact, self-shielded electron linear accelerator that delivers targeted electron radiation therapy as powerful and effective as the radiation therapy provided in specialized cancer centers, right in the dermatologist’s office.

Electron beam radiation’s shallow depth of penetration is an ideal treatment option for skin cancer. DermaBeam treatment targets areas with a high degree of precision to minimize damage to healthy tissue. Dose, depth of penetration, and target area are customized to each patient’s needs. Electron radiation treatment yields excellent cosmetic results with minimal scarring. Treatment is non-invasive and no surgical incision is required. There is virtually no risk of infection to the patient and recovery time is minimal.

Radiation therapy provides a high rate of cure and low recurrence for basal and squamous cell carcinomas, and has proven to be  effective as surgical treatment. Clinical studies have established five-year cure rates at more than 95%. In some certain types of skin cancers, including those with as peri-neural involvement and PD lesions, electron radiation therapy may be used as adjuvant therapy to surgery. Adding radiation to the treatment program increases cure rates from 38% to over 90%.