What is IntraOperative Electron Radiation Therapy?

IOERT is the administration of radiation while a patient is undergoing cancer surgery. The radiation is delivered as part of the surgical procedure directly to any residual tumor, while the surrounding healthy tissue is moved aside. The Mobetron offers the best IOERT and most versatile treatment solution.

Mobetron: The Best Cancer Treatment Available

SHORTER TREATMENT CYCLE: The Mobetron’s two-minute treatment can replace up to seven weeks of daily conventional radiation therapy, making it the easiest treatment for a patient to go through.

LOWER OVERALL DOSE: By giving a precise, concentrated dose, the same amount of tumor-cell kill can be achieved with a total dose only one-half to one-third as large as that given with conventional radiation treatment.  Since treatment is given in the OR immediately after the tumor is removed, radiation attacks and kills any residual cancer cells before they can multiply.

FEWER SIDE EFFECTS:  The Mobetron delivers radiation directly to the affected tissue during surgery.  This allows the surgeon to radiate precisely on the tumor bed and protect healthy organs and tissue.

LOWER RECURRENCE RATES: Dozens of studies have shown that patients treated with the Mobetron have lower local tumor recurrence rates and increased overall survival rates when compared with conventional post-operative external beam radiation treatment.

BETTER COSMETICS: Healthy tissue is unaffected and the recovery period following surgery is more conducive to healing.  Patients can have oncolplastic reconstruction during surgery, which saves the patient from having a separate reconstructive surgery.

BROAD APPLICATION: The Mobetron has been used to treat over 20 indications of cancer.